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Like a diamond...Flawless!

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Like a diamond...Flawless!

Post  Jewel on Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:06 pm

A female, dressed in all black, is seen walking down the hallway.
Her jet black hair with purple tips sways back and forth on her back as she moves.
She turns noticing the camera and stops flashing a grin.
After a few seconds she begins to speak.

Jewel : See something you liked, fella?
I'm sure you did!
But I must warn you, I'm taken!
By who I can't say,
As he is under contract with another company.
Just keep your eyes where they belong,
Or you may get hurt.

A strand of hair fall into her face.
Jewel seductivly licks her lips as she folds the strand behind her ear.
She then continues to speak.

Jewel : But, you must know!
I'm not here to be eye candy!
And none of you have a chance to get with this!
Because there's no one here who can stand with me!
If you think you've got what it takes,
Meet me in the ring!
And don't worry!
My victory will be...

She flips her hair around and breathes deep.
After a moment she finishes.

Jewel : ....FLAWLESS!!!

She turns walking down the hallway with a sway in her hips.
The scene cuts to black.


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