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Post  da bash on Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:20 pm

Expencive white leather couch 4 people can sit on is on the middle of the ring. There is a very confotable black leather chair facing the couch between the couch and the chair a modern looking table is laying. The top of the table there are expencive and colourful drinks.

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

John Gray:

one girl revolution by superchick is playing around the arenas
pink and purple fireworks are exploding around the arena
da bash makes his way to the ring
wearing a white top with the logo one girl revolution and purple skirt covered in sparkles
greeting the mob from a rickshaw that is pulled by a thin weak looking girl

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

Da Bash enters the ring and her facial expressions are showing no respect for anyone in the arena. She shout's for a microphone. Her demand is quickly given by a man sitting next to the Commentators who quickly passes her a microphone. Da bash moves the microphone close to her mouth. The boos around the arena is overwhelming. She doesnt speak untill the boos are drowned out.

Da Bash:"Hello everyone My name is Da Bash"

The boos start to get louder again.

Da Bash:"shut up, Shut up , Shut up. Let me talk worthless little idiots.

Da Bash looks around the arena.

Da Bash:"As I was saying I'm Da Bash and this is Chit Chat Bash Style"

She pauses for a bit.

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

Da Bash shakes her hair back and looks around the arena with an angry look.

Da Bash:"Anyway I will be in a tournement today for the New Evolution Championship. I know that I am going to win the championship and become the new champion. But I will give a chance to four people in this tournement to chance to explain why they should be the champion. So please welcome Yakuza...

Yakuza walks down the ram with wild cheers from fans.

Da Bash:"...Jijarrar and Jewel"

Jijarrar and Jewel makes their way to the ring. Da Bash looks at them and she cant stop giggling so she covers her mouth with her hand.

Da Bash:"And finaly someone whos been said to uglier than a hippo on heat super girlr"

super girl comes down the ring with a microphone. She start talking.

Jijarrar:"Oh, You make me laugh. Look at you? You little spoilt brat!"

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

All four sits down on the couch. They adjust theirselves to be more confotable. Da Bash sits down on the chair facing the couch.

Da Bash:"Before I start this here is a little message from the GM himself"

Man outside the ring hand her a piece of official looking paper.

Da Bash:"I quote. There should be no physical attacks by anyone before the championship tournement. so whatever I say you cant lay a hand on be do you understand?"

four people on the couch looks at each other looking surprised at the fact she told that before asking any questions.

Da Bash:"First I will ask some questions from Jewel."

Da Bash points the microphone at jewel but pulls it back quickly as if she made a mistake.

Da Bash:" Second taught I wont talk to that thing , I mean come on look at it"

Jijarrar conforts jewel who seems to be upset by da bash's comment. Sypathatic "aww" echos around the arena along with some swear words targeted at da bash. Da Bash is laughing as if to show she actually meant what she said.

Da Bash:"Do I need to say anything about Jijarrar? She is some little girl from a small town trying to make it big in XKW. We all know she is going to fail. We all know she will have nothing. Well to be fair to her she never had anything so why bother talking to you.

The hate for da bash around the arena grows. It become louder and louder.

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

Da Bash start talking as the boos fades away.

Da Bash:" Now I come to you my old friend super girl"

Super girl grabs a microphone before da bash says anything more.

Super Girl:"Dont say anything you spoilt child. I had enough of this and I will see you in the ring"

Super Girl throws the microphone on the ground and leaves the ring angrly. She gives a sign with her hand for Jijarrar and Jewel who follows her.

Da Bash:"Well it came down to this the gangster Yakuza. So I heared you grew up in tokyo? and you are a leader of one of the most dangorous gang in th world?

Yakuza:"That is true"

Everyone cheers as Yakuza has gained a huge fanbase from his indy days.

Da Bash:"Gangster? You look worse than jewel. I mean come on have you seen her?"

Da Bash laughs as she think she made a good joke.Yakuza claps in a sarcastic way.

Yakuza:"All I can say is I will be the champion and everyone will sleep with the fishes"

Yakuza leaves the ring with huge cheers around him. Da Bash wathes on.

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

John Gray:

Alex Micheals:

da bash

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