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Backstage interview for Reank

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Backstage interview for Reank

Post  Reank on Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:08 pm

Shawn: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Reank."

*Reank walks into the camera frame and can be seen with no emotion on his face and an evil, death stare on his eyes.*

Shawn: "Reank, tonight you are a fighting a dangerous man in Steve Waggles. What is your plan to defeat this man."

Reank: "Shawn my plan is like it always is. I am going to beat him and destroy him. As all others i've fought will realize, I never show mercy. You get in my way, you will pay. Get in my way, and you will suffer a kick to the skull. Get in my way, and you'll suffer from an R.....K.....O."

Shawn: "Reank, what do you......"

*Shawn is interupted from a man that walks into the camera form and stands up to Reank even tho he is a couple inches shorter than Reank. He takes Shawns mic and raises it to his mouth.*

Man: "Reank, you say you're going to kick my skull. You never will. When I meet you in that ring tonight. If you even try to hit me with that foot, I'm going to break it off."

*Steve walks away from both men and the camera fades away as Reank is seathing with anger."

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