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Enter the realm of Darkness

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Enter the realm of Darkness

Post  Zavarus Xavourus on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:04 pm

The Titantron lights up to show a room with no lights on were a man begins to talk.

Man:Welcome to my Lair. Tonight is my big debute here in XKW. I feel bad for my opponent because tonight I am going to let him feel the pain I have always felt.

the unknown man begins to cry a little.

Man: My life has been feeled with sorrow and never joy. For me there is all darkness and never light.

He stops crying and calls for the lights to come on. The lights come and shows a man holding a blade and sitting in a small puddle of blood.

Man: My name is Zavarus"Dragon Fire"Xavourus and as you see I have some emotional issues.

Zavarus finds a small bowl and lets some of his blood run into it
ZX:For many of my 18 years alive I have had a very bad life. I was always Bullied and lost two of my closest family members.

Zavarus begins to cry again as he dips his left index fingure into the bowl of blood and licks it off

ZX:Tonight the opponent will feel 18 years of sorrow and pain

Zavarus cleans the blade off and puts it in his locker

ZX: Tonight a beast will be unleashed

Zavarus orders the lights off again and tells the cameras to leave
Zavarus Xavourus
Zavarus Xavourus

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