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Matt Moore Training

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Matt Moore Training

Post  Matt Moore on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:49 pm

-Matt pulls up outside of the local Gold's Gym back in his hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina.
-He gets out and gets surrounded by cameramen and news reporter's.
-"Matthew! Matthew! Do you have time for a few questions!?"
-Matt keeps walking on into the gym ignoring them completely.
-The cameraman runs to catch up and gets in front of Matt.
-"I just want to ask you a few questions then we'll be gone!"
-Matt stops and stares at the guy then shakes his head.
-Matt: "Or you could just leave me alone because I'm about to debut in a new company and I am working on getting built up, Stronger, Faster, Learning more moves. I am going to be better then ever when I get back into that ring and this is going to be the best season I have ever had! I am going to lead XKW and carry them on my back! Now go on about your way and leave me alone."
-"But Matt it's only a few questions! Just the thing's everybody's been wanting to find out about you since you first showed up on XKW??"
-Matt: "Alright I told you to leave me alone already, So I don't feel bad one bit for this."
-Matt drops his stuff and lunges at the guy like he's going to hit him!
-The guy jumps and drops his camera and turns around and takes off running away. All the other reporters all take off running behind him.
-Matt picks his stuff back up and walks inside.
-Trainer: "Way to handle all those paparazzi, Reminds Johnson of himself back in the day Matt. Hahaha"
-Matt: "Well I told all of them to leave me alone. They just wouldn't do it and the same shit happens no matter where I go. There just starting to piss me off man."
-Trainer: "Yeah they just never learn. But Johnson, is gonna turn that anger into results for you! How about some major strength and cardio today Jabroni?"
-Matt: "Works with me, your the boss Johnson!"
-Matt and Johnson turn around and walk toward the weight room.
No way implying our GM. Didnt even think about it at the time, i did it in word two days ago lol
Matt Moore
Matt Moore

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